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 This is an email i sent out to a newbie investor who answered an add on craigslist, just like you, about learning Kreative Realestate Strategies (KRS)
Hey John, thanks for showing your interested in REIWEBTOOLS! You can place all the free squeeze pages you want on craigslist/backpage and have a professional looking squeeze page AUTOMATICALLY finding you buyers and sellers! AND REMEMBER IT'S ALL... FREE!!!FREE!!!FREE......LOL... but, as you know i'm in the process of building my partnership group back up again, you know, liked minded real estate investors,,experienced or not,,,"the dreaded newbbie" gotta get that 1st deal under your Belt kinda person, all the resources and training are at your finger tips with the REIWEBTOOLS system I believe they call that leverage in the business world! right!. win/win..... all the time
REIWEBTOOLS is a free resource of unlimited squeeze pages and so much more. But this will take a small commitment on your end if you really want to maximize the  full potential of "REIWEBTOOLS" of course i am referring to is the RE side of REIWEBTOOLS. Everything else is just extra ways to use "REIWEBTOOLS"

Don't forget you can have pictures and video's on all squeeze pages, how cool is that!. Don't know what a squeeze page is? Don't worry, you are on one right now! Squeezing your name and email. Come across a great bank owned deal or motivated seller deal, we get it under contract, the investor way, don't worry i hold your hand through the whole process and show you how to find these deals, it's EZ when you know how, and we spilt the profit 50/50 win/win. You learn & Earn....for FREE...i teach you how to bring in more deals, i leverage you know how, and in return, i teach you for FREE ....again  WIN/WIN !
If your a hustler you could make 3-5k maybe more before Christmas, Now there's a place where new & experienced investor's can go to Learn & Earn Kreative Real Esatate strategies together, Tthis will be our own little community
Here is what you get all for FREE!!!

1.Unlimited Squeeze Pages ! To find buyers & Sellers! it takes only 5 min to make a squeeze page & post it on craigslist SOOOO EZ..
2.Unlimited hands on training by me, in....
    wholesaling, the fastest way to a pay check in real estate today !!!
    & lease/options aka, Rent To Own, the 2 fastest ways to
    a  FAST paycheck of 2-5k b4 Christmas!...
3.Unlimited phone /email support from me
4.Unlimited.All the contracts you will ever need to do these deals inside REIWEBTOOLS
5.Unlimited training video's on wholesaling & lease option & much, much, much,  more ALL INSIDE YOUR FREE REIWEBTOOL
6.Get your own username & password into "Reiwebtools,

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