Great fixer upper! Tons of equity!

30 cents on the dollar! Philadelphia investment!

Great deal here guys and girls! Property in the greater Philadelphia ready to go! Great investment! This Is great for a fix and flip or a fix and hold! hears the juice!! Br/BA,1558 sq ft, built in 1965!! ARV:$$109,000 REPAIRS:$$20,000 YOUR PRICE: ONLY$$23,000 WHAT!! YES THATS RIGHT $$23,000 Thats too much equity to pass up! Do the math... Buy it for 23. Put 20 in repairs. Sell it for 109 being conservative. And make a WOPING $60,000 after the smoke clears! I WOULDN'T DRAG MY HEELS ON THIS ONE! OUR DEALS GO FAST SO YOU HAVE TO ACT FAST! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ENTER YOUR INFO TO THE RIGHT»»»»» AND I PERSONALLY WILL CONTACT YOU TO GO OVER THE DETAILS.

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